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We have several trailers available for sale – flatbeds, trains, super-B’s. See below for complete descriptions and images.

Flatbeds with Rolltite Kits (Sliding tarp system)

2014 Manac Darkwing 53′ Flatbed with NEW Sliding Tarp »
2012 Temisko 53′ Flatbed with Rolltite (Sliding Tarp) kit »
2009 Reitnouer 4-axle with Rolltite (Sliding Tarp) kit »



2013 Manac Super B-Trains »
2010 Reitnouer Big Bubba B-Trains »
1999 Temisko B-Trains »

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2014 Manac Darkwing

2014 Manac Darkwing 53′ Flatbed with new Sliding Tarp – assumable lease

$58,500 or $3,500 to assume remainder of lease at $1,400/mo to Oct 2023

53′ all-aluminum 4-axle flatbed; front lift-axle; sliding winches; new sliding tarp kit installed by Chameleon Innovations in Sep/19; full set of new air tanks installed during Oct/19 safety; includes straps & chains; assuming existing lease is negotiable

2013 Manac Super B-Trains

2013 Manac Super B-Trains

$42,000 (reduced from $43,800)

28’/32′ combo trains; sliding winches; well maintained; includes straps, lumber tarps and other accessories; safetied May/19

2012 Temisko 5-Axle with Rolltite

2012 Temisko 53′ SPIF compliant 5-axle flatbed with sliding tarp system. Perfect for steel-haulers!

$51,500 (reduced from $56,500)

53′ 5-axle combo flatbed; SPIF compliant dual lift-axle; well maintained sliding tarp kit; sliding winches; includes straps and accessories; safety certificate valid until Aug/20

2009 Reitnouer 4-Axle with Rolltite

2009 Reitnouer 53′ Flatbed with sliding tarp system, freshly safetied

$41,000 (reduced from $42,250)

53′ 4-axle all-aluminum flatbed, Conestoga rolling tarp system; new tarp in 2016; front lift-axle; sliding winches; includes straps & accessories.  Safety certificate valid until March 2021.

2010 Reitnouer Big Bubba B-Trains

2010 Reitnouer Big Bubba aluminum B-Trains

$38,000 (reduced from $39,500)

28’/28′ all-aluminum trains; sliding winches; safety certificate valid until Aug/20; well maintained; includes tarps, straps and accessories.

(Pictures coming soon!)

1999 Temisko B-Trains

1999 Temisko B-Trains

$13,250 (reduced from $15,750)

29’/29′ steel trains; sliding winches; completely re-built in 2017 with new crossers, rub-rail and flooring; includes straps, tarps and securement accessories.

(Pictures coming soon!)