Randy Tomalty

Randy Tomalty

Operations Manager

September 4, 2019 – It is with great sadness that we share the news of Randy’s passing with our community of truckers. He passed away peacefully in his sleep this morning, knowing that he was loved and cared for. We will leave this page up as a tribute and memorial to Randy and his contribution to Carric Freight Lines.

Randy has been behind the wheel of a truck since he was 16, driving for his father’s trucking company, Ken Tomalty & Sons, in Pembroke, Ontario. He has spent the past 38 years driving in various capacities, from owner-operator doing long hauls down the eastern seaboard to overseeing a fleet of drivers for a company in Kingston, Ontario, and has hauled everything ‘from soup to nuts’, as he would say.

In the 1990’s, Randy joined his father-in-law’s insurance brokerage firm and learned about running a business from the inside out. He kept driving on weekends and after ten years, migrated back to trucking full-time.

When asked about how he views the trucking industry, Randy would say that he values an ‘old school’ approach, where integrity and hard work are valued and good customer service is a priority. “The day isn’t over until the job is done.”

Today Randy is interested in working with others who care about the job and their equipment. His work with Carric Freight Lines is to keep both the customers and the drivers happy by helping both be successful.